Long 12V100AH Battery KPH100-12AN


On Order Only

3 Months Replacement Warranty

Best for UPS, Telecommunication bases, substation systems, backup power systems, disaster prevention and security systems, electric scooters, automatic guided vehicles, solar energy or wind power storage systems, and deep-cycle systems. Made in Vietnam

Batteries are consumable items so there is no warranty for de-shape of battery due to over temperature / overcharging.


On Order Only


  • Safe and effective explosion-proof and ventilation design.
  • Available for side, vertical, or upright installation.
  • Non-spill able and maintenance free.
  • UL 1989 certified.
  • Compliant with the IATA/A67 and IMDG/238 requirements for transportation.
  • Suitable for standby power supply.
  • Long life and low self-discharge rate
  • Maintenance-Free Design with Spill Proof Construction

LONG manufacturer with presence in Europe, Asia, and America, complying with all the regulations in terms of quality and safety. With a great experience, and development team spanning all sectors and technologies up to today, makes today a great bet for the Price/Quality ratio.

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