5 Major Signs in Your Old UPS That Alarms You to Change it

UPS is one of the most helpful things one can have installed in their homes as everyday use. These Uninterruptible Power Supply apparatuses help maintain and balance the electrical load that goes around in your house. However, a UPS can go bad too. This means that it goes towards failure with time. There are signs that might alert you beforehand and let you know when your UPS has reached its lifetime and when you need to change it. These 5 major signs are as below.

Taking longer to charge

In most cases when a UPS is going towards failure, the battery needs longer to charge up again. When you plug in the charger, you’ll feel that it takes a long time to fully recharge. However, when it is working, it dischargers easily and loses all its battery in a short amount of time. This is one of the signs that show that your UPS is failing and might need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Has been there for a long time

This is obviously one of the most evident signs. If you have had your UPS for a really long time, it is inevitable that at one point it will fail completely. This will happen especially if you haven’t been getting occasional maintenance checks done on it. It can’t go on long and you will have to replace it sooner or later.

Showing signs of failure

Many UPS often show signs of failure by flashing different panel lights. Or the lights on the UPS might start flickering and acting out weirdly. This might be a sign that your UPS is not working properly anymore. This can be seen in many cases that people have reported or complained about.

Lesser supply of capacity than needed

UPS often supplies a fixed amount of capacity and once it starts going towards failure, the specified capacity rate is cut short which is a major sign of UPS failure.

Low battery alarm

If your UPS system has a low battery alarm, you will be notified when your battery is running out and needs to be changed immediately. Whenever you hear this alarm, it is going to be an indicator that your UPS battery needs a replacement immediately.

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