Most Important Ups System Design Considerations

When considering a new Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for a site, facility, or business, you need to take some key design considerations to analyze your needs regarding this power source. Some of the most important UPS design considerations are:

Three-Phase and Single-Phase Power

It is very important to understand your current UPS power supply when choosing the right power source for you as many IT managers prefer to work with single-phase equipment at the level of the rack while many focus on the bigger three-phase UPS systems. At the level of rack, single-phase loads exist in a lot of small to medium-sized computer rooms and data centers. While, on the other hand, many ground-up designs prefer a three-phase power source because it helps them in reducing total costs and increases efficiencies.

Power Load

One of the most important considerations in choosing a UPS power supply is the VA or watt rating of the power source. It is wise to choose a UPS that exceeds the current input requirements for single-phase deployments but also allows for future expansion and offers greater run times if necessary.

Environment Of Installation

The environment in which a potential UPS system will be deployed is very crucial to evaluate. However, certain environments can support several different UPS units. You will want to consider a severe weather UPS if you operate in extreme weather conditions.


A scalable UPS allows capacity to be increased cost-effectively and you can add the utility power without purchasing additional hardware. You only need a simple kVA upgrade to get your UPS to operate at full capacity. Be sure to look for a unit that allows you to add capacity with battery or power modules if you want to service your UPS power supply yourself.

Distribution Of Power

However, it is very important to consider how the utility or input power will be delivered to your most critical equipment. You can also plug some electrical appliances directly into the UPS. But to help distribute the power to the computer systems, you may need a Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

Form Factor

You have to choose between the rack-mount and a tower model which is better for your business premises according to the space you want.

Operation Maintenance

Many facilities management and IT professionals prefer the peace of mind that comes with advanced UPS agreements or on-site services. However, the most important is to have experts perform the maintenance.


It is very important to make sure your chosen UPS power system is within your budget. You may need to make trade-off decisions to ensure you get the right package.

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