All about commercial uses of UPS Systems

While the primary function of UPS is the same: providing power to areas of shortage. However, there are different types of UPS depending upon the type of usage. Two major types include commercial UPS and industrial UPS. While the usage of both differs slightly from one another, the commercial one is more cost-effective. They are also used widely in the business sector.


Commercial UPS is fit for providing power to commercial zones. For this reason, these are used widely in the commercial sector, especially the IT and Computer Network Centers. This is because, in these centers, the mode of work is online. This means the computers and similar technology being used are in constant need of power supply. For this reason, even a minor shortage in power can cause data loss. While most of the files are auto-saved, some of these are irrecoverable. To prevent the data loss caused by this that may cause serious damage to the company, it is imperative to inhibit the occurrences of such power shortages. Perhaps the ideal way to ensure efficiency in this is to use battery-operated systems such as commercial UPS. In this way, any type of data loss that occurs due to disruption of power is prevented.


Just like any other electrical device, Commercial UPS has certain standards of storing as well. While these are being fulfilled, the UPS is at its prime activity. Its battery life is three to five years. Despite this, some commercial UPS are known to waste away early than their counterparts. One reason behind this is the negligence in its keeping. While it does require frequent maintenance, certain standards are still to be fulfilled if the UPS is one wants to maximize its efficiency. These standards are usually the environmental factors in which the UPS is being kept. Thermal and Moisture changes in the air around the placement area of UPS play a vital role in deciding the efficiency of the UPS. The prevalence of ambient temperature is one of the most important factors in this. A temperature of around 25-35 degrees Celsius is optimum for function. In addition to this, the moisture content (humidity of the air) is also a deciding factor. It should be around 10-55%.

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