Difference Between UPS And Battery Backup

Battery backup and UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) are often treated or even called the same thing. However, the more advanced versions of a battery backup are UPSs. In simple words, all the UPSs are battery backups but have greater protection rates. If you are still confused about this, then read this article to find the differences between UPS and Battery backup. It may help you to make a wise decision between them.

What Exactly Is a Battery Backup?

The battery backup is applied to be plugged into devices (like computers) to minimize the harmful effects of issues related to power. It will kick on almost instantaneously to power the machines for a short period once a surge or an outage occurs. The battery backup will allow the computer to be off properly until the electricity comes back. And the files to be saved if one is using the computer while encountering an outage. To protect your investments in other devices and computers, the battery backup solution provides a nice choice. However, the amount of time your devices will stay on, depends on how much power is being drained during the power outage and the battery size.

What Exactly Is A UPS?

An original Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) has a more refined technology in how it works with power than the previous normal battery backup. The devices that are plugged into the UPS, get power or energy from the battery of the UPS. The UPS charges the battery in a standby situation and feeds power to the electronics when necessary. However, an original UPS is always delivering power from a “reservoir” of clean power instead of waiting for a power situation to occur or standing by. Thus, the switching time during low power blackout conditions is really short or even can be neglected sometimes.

What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Battery Backup And UPS?

Many people may experience various power sags and power anomalies like power surges in daily operations. Some of the influences these sudden power loss problems bring to the users are:

  • Resulting in costly replacements or repairs, they corrupt the OS (Operating System).
  • Damage the internal parts of the server or the computer.
  • In the data center, the broken devices may increase labor costs.
  • Unsaved data on your computer may lead to reworking or hinder the process of your work.

Both battery backup and UPS systems offer nearly instant protection to the devices by minimizing the above-mentioned loss to the maximum extent. Still, they both have some diversities in types and functions.

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