Which One Is Better Surge Protector, Power Strip, Or UPS?

When choosing between UPS, power strip, and surge protector, you need to know about their functions first. All of them have different functions, however, power strips and surge protectors work similarly. There are many chances that an electrical power surge may damage the appliances of your home or workplace. Therefore, you need to decide to have a surge protector, power strip, or UPS according to your requirements. We will clear your mind about this by explaining the functions and purposes of all these devices. This will be beneficial to easily choose between surge protector, power strip, and UPS according to your needs.

Power Strip

When it comes to feeding power to devices, power strips are devices that can be useful. Most of the power strips have a built-in LED light system indicating when the strip sockets are functioning properly. If a device goes on stand-by mode, power strips have energy-saving features that can power off an opening temporarily. However, these devices can also include surge protectors built with them while decreasing the chance of a power surge causing damage. For people looking to power multiple devices safely, power strips are the ideal choice for them. However, dual functioning and energy-saving features of power strips allow you to work at a fast rate and never need to worry about issues with power not working.

Surge Protector

A surge protector works similarly to the power strips and comes in the form of a wall base with USB ports extending outwards for easy access to plug-in devices. However, it can come in different forms that plug into the wall containing parts specifically designed to block a power surge that can damage your appliances. The surge protectors come with a spike suppressor, surge diverter, and a surge protection device which is the most important. Some of the surge protectors also come with a passing voltage surge suppressor for max defense against an electrical power surge. The main purpose of surge protectors is to defend against a spike in voltage coming from a power line.


Having a UPS at your workplace or home is the best option to use as a backup power. It provides you a long time backup power and also protects the appliances of your home or business place from an electrical power surge. The main purpose of a UPS is to provide you with long-time backup power when in a power cut case. Therefore, having a UPS is far better than a surge protector or power strips because it eliminates the chances of disaster that might cause due to power cuts at your workplace.

Where To Find the Best Quality UPS?

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