Do We Need UPS Devices for All Our Computers? 

The simple answer is it is an optimum choice to use Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with computer systems. Some businesses don’t do this, contrary to popular belief. They could be in trouble if the power goes out because of storms or other factors. Uninterruptible power supplies don’t have to be expensive. It is recommended to have one for each computer you use.

 What is an Uninterruptible Power Source? 

It is a battery backup power source that powers your device for enough time to allow it to shut down properly if the power goes out. It prevents data loss and reduces stress caused by a hard shut down.

 Why do you need a UPS for all your computers? 

A UPS is an essential piece of hardware for all businesses; especially when you live in storm-prone areas where the power can go out. Uninterruptible power supplies not only protect your computer but also your data. It acts as a backup power source for your computer in the event of blackouts, brownouts, or power spikes.

 Which UPS Size Do You Need? 

It should be large enough for all the equipment that is plugged into it. Compare the UPS’s capacity to the power you require to power your device. It is necessary to calculate the power consumption of each device that will be connected to the UPS. These are the general requirements for wattage. Always check your device specifications to confirm.

  • Desktop: 120 watts 
  • Monitor: 60 Watts 
  • External Hard Drive: 20 Watts 
  • Wireless Router: 10 Watts 

You would need a UPS to handle the load of all four devices.

Make sure you set up your UPS devices correctly 

Some people don’t know how to set up a UPS system correctly. There are two types of backup: a battery backup and a non-battery one. The non-battery backup function acts as a surge protector to protect your devices from power surges.

Here I am pointing at the surge protector that supplies power. These outlets are used to keep your devices powered up when the electricity is cut off. You should use this outlet to plug in your monitor, computer, or other peripherals that you require to continue working when the power goes out. The surge suppressors can be found on this side of the UPS. If the electricity goes out, they won’t be able to keep your computer running.

Need a UPS for your Computer?

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