UPS an Essential for Everyone

Electricity is a vital part of modern life. We use electricity for lighting, cooling, heating, in hospitals for medical purposes, electronics and are also used in public transportation. Most businesses around the world also depend upon electricity. The worst-case scenario for these businesses or hospitals is that the power runs out. The lights go out machinery stops and the productivity of any business halts. Many companies also lose a lot of money annually due to power loss. Many lives are lost due to power shortages in any hospital. These scenarios cause worry and stress among the people in charge. There may be many causes for power shortage such as lightning strikes, flooding, or strong winds the causes may vary but overall it causes worry for everyone.

 UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply A UPS keeps everything running smoothly in a short time without electricity. Thus people are calm instead of chaos. With a UPS system installed you do not need to worry about the power shortage. A UPS can be a single-phase or a tri-phase and runs on an array of batteries. The size of UPS varies from a small box to a megaton megawatt model that can work as a backup for big businesses.

Types of UPS:

  • A standby UPS system or the line preferred UPS that includes a battery, low pass filter, inverter, static switch, and a surge suppressor. This UPS system remains on standby until there is a primary power failure.
  • A line interactive UPS has an inverter and battery built in and a switch changes the flow of electricity in the event of a power outage.
  • A double-conversion UPS system has a backup battery and it is power by an input AC.
  • The bigger UPS systems include power transformers that provide consistent electricity they have zero or a few seconds of downtime annually. Moreover high temperature resistant UPS are also available for region with high temperature.

Advantages of UPS:

A UPS system has many advantages for everyone. Machines can run smoothly and there is no delay in work due to power shortage. Electronics can work with consistency, if there is a fluctuation in voltage, the UPS system can regulate it and prevent electronics from damaging due to low voltage. A line-interactive UPS also acts as a filter as it refines the power coming into the UPS and adjusting it so that the output receives a consistent supply of energy.

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